Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Tom Roper, Wever, IA May 16

    Here are some highlights of Tom Roper's dance in Wever, IA

    See previous post for Jerry's May 11 EA class

  1. Yellow Rock your right-hand lady. sequence diagram
  2. Heads Promenade 1/2, sides Square Thru 4, men end up facing their right-hand ladies (and vice versa). sequence diagram
  3. After getting heads facing their partners in the middle and having the sides face, called a Grand Square.
  4. Sides form left-hand star and turn 3/4 until you meet corner: sequence diagram.
  5. Turned an alamo ring counterclockwise by having boys circle left and girls circle right: sequence diagram
  6. Only girls Cast Off 3/4: sequence diagram
  7. Only the sides face and do a Grand Square while the heads do the following
    1. Square Thru 4 (10)
    2. Cloverleaf (8)
    3. Come into the middle and Pass Thru (2)
    4. Cloverleaf again (8)
    5. Come into the middle (2)
    6. Square Thru 3 (8)
    7. Swing your corner
  8. Wrong way Promenade, don't stop, side couples California Twirl, lines forward and back. This is essentially the same as having the sides Wheel Around since the sides will end up in the same position except the path they take to that position is different (compare California Twirl and Wheel Around). But if Roll is the next call they are different.
  9. Ladies in men Sashay from facing lines: sequence diagram.
  10. While Promenading, couple # 4, make and arch and California Twirl, everybody else Dive Thru that arch and Promenade your partner back home.
  11. From facing lines, Ladies in, Men Sashay: sequence diagram
  12. The purpose of a Half-Sashay is for the couple to exchange positions while facing in the same direction. The dancer on the right (the belle) has to move to the left in front of the dancer on the left (the beau) while the beau moves to the right behind the belle. It would seem that it doesn't matter who goes in front until you consider that Half-Sashay 1/2 could be called (for example to set up a Dixie Style to an Ocean Wave).

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