Friday, May 26, 2017

EA Calls for May 25

Here are some comments based on the EA workshop

  1. Jerry once again tested our ability to distinguish Veer from Lead. See last week's post for details.
  2. Here is the Caller Lab definition for trade
    Any two directed dancers exchange places by walking forward in a semi-circle ending in the other dancer's starting position. Each trading dancer has reversed his original facing direction. If the trading dancers start while facing in the same direction, they pass right shoulders when they meet per the right shoulder rule. This is called a partner trade to distinguish it from a trade done by dancers in a mini-wave.
  3. The first-taught version of several calls require a mini-wave trade during their execution. EA versions of these are called from formations that require a partner trade. Here are some ones that Jerry has worked on.
    1. Linear Cycle from lines facing out. This requires dancers to Hinge by doing half a partner Trade.
    2. Left Linear Cycle from lines facing out. Dancers have to do half a partner Trade by passing left shoulders instead of right shoulders.
    3. Cut the Diamond from diamonds with points facing out
    4. Acey Deucey from inverted lines
    5. Acey Deucey from lines facing out. In general, any line where the centers are facing in the same direction.
    6. Crossfire from inverted lines. In general any line where the centers are facing in the same direction.
    7. Crossfire from lines facing out
  4. Jerry called Load the Boat from a Tidal Wave. To see where the tidal wave comes from try using the thumb to advance the dancer of this version of Load the Boat from normal lines until they form a tidal wave.
  5. Jerry worked Spin Chain the Gears and Spin Chain Exchange the Gears from right and left hand ocean waves. Here is an attempt to describe the steps involved. It might be a useful review for you to describe these steps in your own words.
    1. Each end and adjacent center Trade
    2. The new centers turn 3/4 creating a wave down the middle between the new ends who U-Turn back in anticipation of joining the star in step d.
    3. The centers of the middle wave trade
    4. A star is formed by the ends and adjacent centers of the resulting middle wave and the dancers that had U-Turned back in step b.
    5. This star is turned 3/4. Jerry emphasized that the star should be turned precisely 3/4.
    6. After the star has turned 3/4 the configuration of step b. has flipped: the ends are now in the middle wave and the dancers that were in the middle wave are now around the perimeter. At this point, the instructions for Spin Chain the Gears and Spin Chain and Exchange the Gears are different.
    7. For Spin Chain the Gears
      1. The center dancers of the middle wave trade while the dancers on the perimeter U-Turn Back in preparation for being the ends of the final wave.
      2. The ends and adjacent centers of the resulting middle wave turn 3/4 to hook up with the ends on the perimeter.
    8. For Spin Chain and Exchange the Gears
      1. The dancers that would have traded in the Spin Chain the Gears now proceed to the location of the opposite star followed by the other dancers in the star.
      2. It is useful to think of each star as being flattened into a column. The lead dancers of the column are the center dancers that would have traded in Spin Chain the Gears.
      3. If the lead dancers of these columns are numbered #1, and the following dancers are numbered #2, #3, #4 the result is a wave with dancers #1 and #3 holding hands in the center of a wave (left hands if the call started from a right-handed wave, otherwise right-hands). Dancers #2 and #4 form the ends of the resulting wave.

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  1. Regarding #4, we got into the tidal wave initiall by doing a pass-the-ocean from an "8-chaing thru" formation. see This little maneuver throws a big monkey wrench into the whole thing. The guys in a "normal" pass-the-ocean end up on the ends of a wave. BUT when pass-the-ocean goes into a tidal wave, and then load-the-boat is called, one of the guys becomes a "center", and his original partner also becomes a center, and they must step forward and face "out". Here's another tricky wrinkle. Which way is out? Normally, being on the end of a wave, I would think out was awav from the center of the wave, but in this load-the-boat variation, becoming a center, "out" is back the way I came, so I turn right, and my original partner turns left. Mind boggling!