Wednesday, November 1, 2017

EA Calls for October 26

Tom Manning called.

  1. Facing Couples Rule

    The Facing Couples Rule applies to the following calls
    1. Swing Thru
    2. Left Swing Thru
    3. Spin the Top
    4. Spin Chain Thru
    5. Spin Chain the Gears (seems possible)
    6. Spin Chain and Exchange the Gears (seems possible)
    7. Relay the Deucey (seems possible)
  2. Ocean Wave Rule

    In order for the Ocean Wave Rule to apply, the initial dance action of the call must start with a Box The Gnat, Pass Thru, or Right Pull By. In addition, the call must not be defined to have a different dance action from an Ocean Wave. For example, the call Circulate is defined from Eight Chain Thru and from Ocean Waves. It would be improper to call Circulate from Ocean Waves and expect dancers to dance it as a Step Thru based on the Ocean Wave Rule because they would naturally apply the definition of Circulate from Ocean Waves

    The Ocean Wave rule applies to the following calls
    1. Dosado
    2. Swing
    3. Right and Left Grand
    4. Weave
    5. Pass Thru
    6. Double Pass Thru
    7. Right and Left Thru
    8. Square Thru
    9. Box the Gnat
    10. Pass the Ocean
    11. Turn Thru
    12. Eight Chain Thru
    13. Slide Thru
    14. Pull By
    15. Load the Boat (from a Tidal Wave)
  3. From a static square
    1. sides Lead left
    2. Make a right hand star with the heads
    3. Turn the right hand star which will cause the sides to face into the middle where they detach from the heads and star left. Beau will detach first and go into center followed by belle. Opposite beaus touch hands first then the belles attach to complete the star.
    4. After the sides detach from the right hand star, the heads return to their positions and wait for the sides to finish the left hand star.
    5. Normally the sides stop turning the star once they get back to their (head) corner, but during a singing call Tom had them do another 180 degree turn so that sides got new corners.
  4. If you advance Grand Square 8 steps you will see that dancers become half-sashayed from the position they started out from. Tom used this fact to get dancers normal.
  5. Called Diamond Circulate from diamonds with center 2-faced lines. The dancers that would collide need to form a right-hand mini-wave as dictated by the Same Position Rule. This sequence diagram shows this type of diamond circulate followed by a call to Square Thru from ocean waves and doing a Right and Left Grand on the third hand.
  6. Called 1/2 Zoom (advance thumb half way to see the result)
  7. To Stir the bucket
    Ladies Chain 3/4
    Men circle (left) 3/4

    Note that the star right done during the Ladies Chain 3/4 turns clockwise and that a circle left also turns clockwise. Furthermore note that turning 3/4 clockwise is the same as turning 1/4 counterclockwise and that stirring the bucket rotates the square 90 degrees to the right (counterclockwise) which is all that is being done here.
    sequence diagram.
  8. Starting from static square
    Allemande Left with corner
    All 8 Spin the Top (girls star)
    All 8 Spin the Top (girls star)
    Right and Left Grand
    sequence diagram.
  9. Square Thru and on the third hand do something. I guess, in principle, the "something" could be anything that could be done from parallel waves (or a tidal wave). Tom called the following three "something"s
    1. Right and Left Thru
    2. Touch a Quarter
    3. Double Pass Thru
  10. Created facing diamonds from a Relay the Deucey. To see how, open Relay the Deucey and advance the thumb to the 6. The girls are in a left-hand wave there. The boys are circulating to their end positions. If the girls freeze and the boys finish, the dancers will be in facing diamonds.
  11. Created a wrong-way thar from a right-hand tidal wave: sequence diagram
  12. Created a wrong-way thar from a static square without doing an Allemande Left. Dancers did a partner Trade once and a half instead: sequence diagram.
  13. Everybody Cross Run from ocean waves is the same as Trade the Wave. They are not always equivalent because Everybody Cross Run can be called from 2-faced lines.
  14. Spreads are normally done by centers of waves (e.g. Follow Your Neighbor and Spread) or by the leaders of tandem couples (e.g. Cloverleaf and Spread). But a dancer in neither of those positions can Spread if the caller designates them to do so (e.g. sequence diagram).
  15. Square Thru 2.5 results in same wave that the dancers are in at the third hand.
  16. Created an offset line. See sequence diagram.
  17. Peel Off can be called from columns. #3 dancers are leaders even though they are facing somebody. After a Peel Off, leaders become ends and trailers become centers.
  18. Singing call: sequence diagram
    heads pass the ocean
    follow your neighbor
    boys run
    star thru
    pass thru
    trade by
    touch a quarter
    follow your neighbor
    boy run around corner and keep her
    home (men now have original corners as partners)
    heads pass the ocean
    follow your neighbor
    boys run
    star thru
    pass thru
    trade by
    touch a quarter
    follow your neighbor
    boys run
    you take her hand and promenade that ring
    home (men now have original opposite ladies as partners)
    4 ladies chain
    4 ladies star back home
    when you meet your partner do paso
    allemand thar, boys back up into a backup star
    slip the clutch
    left allemande
    come back and swing
    you take your lady and promenade that ring
    home (men still have opposite ladies as partners)
    heads square thru 4
    touch a quarter
    scoot back
    fan the top
    boy walk, girl dodge
    girl walk, boy dodge
    girls fold
    swing that man
    home (men have original right hand ladies as partners)
    heads star thru
    california twirl
    step to a wave
    spin chain and exchange the gears
    boys circulate
    boys do their part of a recycle
    swing that corner
    home (men now have their original partners back)
    left allemande
    all 8 spin the top
    all 8 spin the top
    right and left grand

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