Thursday, March 9, 2017

EA Calls for March 9

Robin called

  1. Circulate 1 1/2 from facing lines. The centers do a pass the ocean. The ends pass right shoulders for the first circulate then turn to walk towards the other end until right shoulders are adjacent. Results in a tidal wave
  2. Split Circulate 1 1/2 from facing lines. Both boxes do a pass the ocean. Ends in parallel waves.
  3. Some dancers did a Circulate when a Split Circulate was called and vice versa. Jerry has said several times that you don't mix Circulate and Split Circulate unless the dancers are very experienced. But screwing this up is how you get experienced.
  4. Worked Relay the Deucey. The boys always started out at the ends of the waves which meant that they did a cast off 3/4 initially and then passed through the resulting wave getting replaced by the women who were circulating. Boys that were trailers spent more time in the wave than the boys that were leaders.
  5. Worked Load the Boat from lines facing in.
  6. Worked Chase Right from lines facing out.
  7. Worked Chase Left from lines facing out.
  8. Worked Follow Your Neighbor from waves. Experienced dancers are aware of what box they are in. Trailers extend and cast off 3/4. Leaders move forward in a tight 270 degree circle to meet the trailers after they finish their cast off 3/4. If started from right hand waves, ends in a left hand wave. Spread is called to make it a right hand wave. If started from a left hand wave, it ends in a right hand wave.
  9. Worked the difference between a Grand Swing Thru from a tidal wave and a Swing Thru from a tidal wave. The latter proceeds as if the two waves that make up the tidal wave are disconnected. If you look at the Taminations Grand Swing Thru link, dancers 3 and 7 will not trade in a regular swing thru.
  10. Threw in a couple of Linear Cycles which nobody had any trouble with
  11. The Ping Pong Circulates went well also as well as did the Track 2s.
  12. The diamond calls went well also: Diamond Circulate, Flip the Diamond and Cut the Diamond.
  13. Called "Recycle if you can, otherwise Wheel and Deal" from a 3 and 1 line:

    This formation was created from ocean waves by the call "Centers Walk and Dodge". In the above dancers 2&5 and 1&6 can recycle (since they are mini-waves). Dancers 7&8 and 4&3 have to do their part of a Wheel and Deal from out-facing lines (they would be the left hand dancers so they would not go into the center). This results in the following eight chain thru formation:
  14. Calling Swing Thru from a left hand wave means that the centers trade first since they have right hands joined. Then they trade with the ends using their left hands.

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  1. At least one person (me) had "trouble" with linear cycle; to wit, I was doing the pattern correctly, but my partner was pushing me and directing me from behind! It wasn't the only time that a "better" dancer felt the need to give me instructions in the middle of a tip. The trickiest part of linear cycle is knowing which way to peel off if you're the leader. The most fun part was screwing up our formation, but continuing anyway; like, when Robin was calling follow yur neighbor, and we just kept on trying to do it: boy-with-girl, left-handed, etc.