Thursday, March 16, 2017

EA Calls for March 16

Tom called.

  1. From an Alamo Ring boys Run Right, boys Run Left.
    Here is the Alamo Ring

    Note that the girls have to slide into the boy's (the one that ran around them) position. The boys always get blamed when this breaks down which it usually does but the girls have to do their part also. If the boys run Right and Left they are proceeding counterclockwise around the circle and the girls proceed clockwise. If the boys Run Left and then Right they will proceed clockwise around the ring and the girls will proceed counterclockwise.
  2. Worked most of the 8 variations of Relay the Deucey
    Right-hand wave:

    Each dancer got a change to be at positions 1, 2, 3, 4. They all felt different.

    Left-hand wave:

    Each dancer got a change to be at positions 1, 2, 3, 4. They all felt different.
  3. Did a Scoot Back from Left-hand waves. If the scooters extend first they will naturally end up next to each other with the correct hand to use to turn 180 degrees while following their nose.
  4. Did a Split Circulate from T-Boned lines.
  5. Head men and your original corner go forward and back. The original corner was the current partner. Ha ha.
  6. Men Chain through from a Static Square (normally the Ladies Chain). Men chain using right hands and meet opposite women with their left hand extended and their right hand behind their back so they can get Courtesy Turned by the women. Tom did not want to work this.
  7. Partner Trade once and a half from Lines Facing Out. End up in a wave
  8. Half-Sashayed Girls Reverse Flutterwheel (turn with left hand grab boy with right hand)
  9. Put Centers In. Just the boys cast of 3/4. Boys end up looking at a girls shoulder. Do a Couples Circulate from T-Boned Lines.
  10. From Lines Facing In, Circulate once and a half. End up in a Tidal Wave. This was worked by Robin last week.
  11. Do Paso, partner left, corner right, partner left and courtesy turn.
  12. Men as a couple run around girl couples and roll (since girl couples slid, they don't roll)
  13. Dosido once and a half. End up in a right hand wave.
  14. Split Circulate once and a half from Lines Facing In. Essentially a Pass the Ocean.
  15. Split Circulate once and a half from a Box Circulate (what you have in waves, nobody has to trade or pass through). Ended up with Right-hand Diamonds
  16. Calls 14 and 15 were done one after the other.
  17. Follow your Neighbor and boys got to do the 270 degree turn and girls the cast off 3/4.
  18. Follow your Neighbor from a 1/4 Tag formation. Everybody Casts off 3/4.
  19. Follow your Neighbor from a T-Boned Line
  20. Circulate with each dancer positioned at most of the possible positions in columns

    After the Circulate once and a half, dancers 1&3, 8&4 and 7&5 will be adjacent to each other and dancers 2&6 will be the lonesome ends. After the center 6 trade, dancers 6&2 and 8&4 will move up to become the ends of waves. The gray dots mark 1/2 circulate positions.
  21. Plus calls that were not called
    1. All 8 Spin the Top
    2. Crossfire
    3. Dixie Grand
    4. Explode and Anything
    5. Peel the Top
    6. Spin Chain and Exchange the Gears
    7. Spin Chain the Gears
    8. Teacup Chain
    9. 3/4 Tag the Line
    10. Trade the Wave

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