Thursday, March 30, 2017

EA Calls for March 23

Jerry called.

The main skill to bring to EA is the ability to listen to the caller. Jerry chided the dancers many times for not doing this.

Another useful skill is the ability to detect the direction of flow

    1. Face your corner
    2. pass thru
    3. look at this girl (opposite girl)
    4. swing thru turn her by the right
    5. boys star left across to your partner
    sequence diagram
    1. face your partner
    2. pass thru
    3. turn right-hand lady by the right
    4. back to your partner and turn her by the left
    5. go all the way around to your corner
    6. turn your corner by the right
    7. boys back in and make a wrong way thar
    sequence diagram
  1. Call sequence that contains first boy go left, second boy go right: sequence diagram
  2. All 8 Spin the Top and Spread after each one: sequence diagram
  3. Pass through as many times as you can: sequence diagram
    1. heads square thru
    2. step to a wave
    3. swing thru
    4. acey deucey
    5. relay the deucey
    6. walk in and right and left grand
    sequence diagram
  4. Jerry emphasized that after doing a Tag the Line or a Double Pass Thru, it is important to compensate for the shift you needed to make to accomplish the call. Otherwise you will not have nicely formed lines and call like Peel Off may be difficult to execute correctly.
  5. Jerry defined Cross Peel Off as a regular Peel Off preceded by a Half Sashay. As in a regular Peel Off, the leaders will become ends and the trailers will become centers.
    1. After a Tag the Line: sequence diagram.
    2. From two-faced lines: sequence diagram.
  6. Track 0, 1, 2, 3, 4: sequence diagram
  7. Spin Chain the Gears
  8. Spin Chain and Exchange the Gears
  9. Use the flow to determine which way the lead dancers turn when boys zoom or girls zoom is called: sequence diagram


  1. I'm looking at the difference between call 1d and call 2f. When you're moving fast, 2f is intuitive. No hestitation, at least for me. 1d is not so intuitive, becuz of the "swing thru" instruction. Just that moment's pause while you think what to do is enuf to cause a breakdown.

  2. It sounds like if the call is "Cross peel off," the half-sashay is implied. Thus, if the caller specifically says "half-sashay" before the cross peel off, couples would sashay twice, and hence the result would be the same as a normal peel off.