Tuesday, April 4, 2017

EA Calls for March 30

Jerry Story and Johnny Preston called.

Much more relaxed than last week's session

For videos of Johnny Preston calling search for square dancing johnny preston in youtube.

  1. Individual dancers can be named using gender/couple number, e.g. man #1 is the man of the head couple with backs to the caller
  2. Centers and ends can run, fold, cross run and cross fold also. sequence diagram
  3. Centers, ends, heads, sides, girls, boys, couples are modifiers that can be applied to Run, Cross Run, Fold, Cross Fold, Walk and Dodge and probably other calls
  4. From a double pass thru formation, only the center dancers respond to a call to pass thru
  5. Sides Face call not followed by Grand Square. It was merely to get dancers into the home position.
  6. Head girl walk, side girl dodge: need to remember if you were a side or a head. Note there are two head girls and two side girls.
  7. Follow Your Neighbor
    Half Spread (get face to face)
    Full Swing
  8. 1 by 3 walk and dodge: "1 boy looking in, he can walk, every one else can dodge." Called from a 3 and 1 line with inward facing dancers at the end.
  9. Track 2 with boys on the inside track
  10. Did a reverse circle to a line. Men had to go under arch formed by women. For a tall man and a short woman this is very awkward. Taminations offers alternatives to the arch here and here
  11. Pass the Ocean 3 times. Center dancers turn a quarter 3 times while ends move up. This is an application of the Ocean Wave Rule
  12. Different uses of stars in the middle
    The terms beau and belle will be used instead of gender names (e.g., boy and girl) to keep things completely general. See Belles and Beaus

    Case 1 (Excuse to do some stars)
    1. Sides square thru (sides end facing corner which is a head)
    2. Make a right hand star and turn it (each star contains 2 head dancers and 2 side dancers)
    3. Sides star by the left (abandon head dancers once they see the opposite sides; beau will go into center followed by belle. Beaus touch hands first then the belles attach to complete the star.)
    4. When you meet those two (the head dancers), touch a quarter
    Case 2 (Excuse to do some stars)
    1. Sides star left
    2. To corner and make a right hand star (when the turning side dancers meet their corner they first put up right hand in preparation for the star right)
    3. Sides go back to the middle and star left (sides turn the right hand star which will bring the sides back into the middle where they detach from the heads and star left. Beau will detach first and go into center followed by belle. Opposite beaus touch hands first then the belles attach to complete the star.)
    4. Arm around corner, star promenade (As sides star left they should keep an eye out for their corner. Once they arrive they put their right hand around shoulders of their corners and bring them along as they keep turning.
    Case 3 (Accomplish all 8 spin the top) Taminations

    Case 4 (Accomplish all 8 flutter wheel) Taminations

    Case 5 (Accomplish all 8 reverse flutter wheel) Taminations

    Case 6 (Accomplish all 8 scoot back from a normal square after girls turn back)
    1. Trailers star right 180 degrees.
    2. Leaders will roll right and face in to free up a spot for the trailers when they leave the star.
    Case 7 (Accomplish all 8 scoot back from a normal square after boys turn back )
    1. Trailers star left 180 degrees.
    2. Leaders will roll left and face in to free up a spot for the trailers when they leave the star.
  13. From a squared set
    turn your partner right
    go back to the corner
    do a wrong way left and right grand
  14. Girls at end of a tidal wave (with boys in the center) do a recycle across the boys: sequence diagram.
  15. Heads separate, beaus go around 1, belles go around 2, to a line.
  16. Ends run, ends trade. The ends run call will put the ends in the center and move the centers to the ends. Once the ends move to the center, they lose their status as ends, so the ends trade call applies to the former centers who are now ends
  17. Trade 1/2 twice. From mini-waves this is equivalent to a trade. However if dancers are facing the same way it is not equivalent to a trade: sequence diagram
  18. Follow Your Neighbor twice. Trailers get new dancers to cast off 3/4 with but adjacent dancers remain the same, i.e., dancers keep their same "neighbors" : sequence diagram
  19. In a facing diamonds with right-hand centers, men only circulate: sequence diagram
  20. From one-faced (facing out or in) and two-faced lines, a Bend the Line and a Cast Off 3/4 result in the same formation: sequence diagram. Jerry commented that Cast Off 3/4 was the scenic route. Note that it does not make sense to Bend the Line from an ocean wave because the dancers are required to face the center of the formation and in an ocean wave only one dancer would be able to do so.
  21. Jerry likes to emphasize going with the flow. But he gave two examples where reversing the flow is not a serious disruption of the dance. The first is Weave the Ring where the dancers alternate between going clockwise and counterclockwise. The second was calling Cast Off 3/4 instead of Bend the Line after a Trade: sequence diagram.
  22. Johnny Preston did several "as couples" calls. See Taminations. He did one couples call that involved the ladies doing a Teacup Chain as couples. This did not go well in many squares and it is possible that this is the first time this call has been done in the history of square dancing.
  23. Reverse Dixie Style to an Ocean Wave. Men do the work.
  24. Promenade an extra quarter from home position is an easy way to stir the bucket.
  25. One of Johnny Preston's call was a spoonerism: "4 Chadies Lain"
  26. Four men did a Grand Square while the ladies watched: sequence diagram. It did not go well in several squares.
  27. From lines facing in, boys do their part of a Follow Your Neighbor, girls dodge and extend to form right-hand diamonds: sequence diagram
  28. From lines facing out, boys do their part of a Chase Right while girls Scoot Back: sequence diagram.
  29. Starting in a half-sashayed static square
    1. 4 boys Chain (boys use right hands for the star)
    2. girls Courtesy Turn the boys (boys should extend left hand and put right hand behind back)
    3. 4 boys Flutter Wheel (since they are half-sashayed, boys have their right hand free which is a requirement for a regular Flutter Wheel)
    4. 4 girls Reverse Flutter Wheel (since they are half-sashayed, girls have their left hand free which is a requirement for a Reverse Flutter Wheel)

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