Thursday, June 15, 2017

EA Calls for June 8

Jerry called.

  1. From a static square with all dancers facing out (after having done a Turn Thru), everybody Cloverleaf being sure to pass right shoulders.
  2. After rearranging a static square, asked original heads to do something.
  3. Nice feeling of flow with a Reverse Flutterwheel following a Reverse Wheel Around
  4. Half Sashay 1 1/2, boys Square Thru 3
  5. Cut the Diamond with points facing in same direction. Points have to slide together first just as they do when they are facing in different directions
  6. In general, avoid extraneous movements because they might confuse people. For example, in the previous point, do not turn toward the point you are going to trade with until you slide together. If you turn first it might be interpreted as a flip. Similarly in a Pass the Ocean the ends should keep their hands to their sides so that the centers are not tempted to grab them.
  7. Called "outside six Circulate" from Point-to-point Diamonds. In EA you can do more than the standard Circulate, Cut and Flip from diamond formations.
  8. From an Alamo Ring, boys Run Right, girls slide left, don't just stand there. Boys Run Left. Then girl Run Right and the boys have to slide left, girl Run Left. Then Right and Left Grand.
  9. Sides left Square Thru 4, Left Touch a Quarter, Scoot Back (left handed), Follow Your Neighbor (left handed)
  10. Pass to Center (new outsides have to do a Partner Trade so that everybody is facing the center of the formation).
  11. Half Zoom, zoomers turn 180 instead of 360.
  12. Girls in middle Chase Right, boys at ends don't move even though they could do a Chase Right.
  13. Worked Load the Boat by having everybody do the center part of Load the Boat
    1. Pass Thru
    2. Turn to face out of the box you are in. This is the hardest part. Another way of thinking of this is to turn your back on the partner you Passed Thru with.
    3. You now have a new Partner (the dancer you were facing when you started the call). Partner Trade with that dancer. It is recommended that you establish this by briefly touching hands with that dancer before doing the Partner Trade.
    4. Pass Thru. If you started from facing lines you will end up facing the ends of the original lines. However if you start from a T-bone formation, e.g., Load the Boat you will finish facing out with an end looking at your ear.
  14. When Jerry calls Reverse Single Circle to a Wave it is always when the flow is counterclockwise so that it is natural to do so.
  15. Come back to your partner for a mixed up Left and Right Grand. Some are going wrong, some are going right(correctly).
  16. Explode and Anything. The Explode will leave dancers in lines facing in. The Anything is any call that can be called from that formation: sequence diagram
  17. Girls Chase Right thru a Diamond made up of boys.
  18. Peel the Top and the boys are the ones that Cast Off 3/4.
  19. Points shouldn't point in when in a point to point diamond formation because it is hard to tell who are the points and who is in the mini-wave, they look like a star since they are so close together. For example, in Point to Point Diamonds dancers 8&6 and 2&4 should not be pointing fingers at each other.
  20. Walked us through a Galaxy Circulate which is a C1 call.
  21. Called Slip the Clutch from something other than a Thar. In general this appears to be the letting go of hands (slipping the clutch) with outside dancers moving forward awaiting the next call).
    1. Heads Right and Left Thru
    2. Dixie Style to an Ocean Wave
    3. Extend
    4. Boy Trade
    5. Slip the Clutch, i.e. boys let go of girls hand and they move forward
    6. to do an Allemande Left
  22. From a static square Jerry stacked the following calls (i.e. called them in rapid succession, faster than the dancers could perform each call)
    1. Sides Swing Thru
    2. Spin the Top
    3. Slide Thru to end up in their original positions
  23. In a Coordinate the boys almost always finish as ends of the resulting two-faced lines. Jerry put the boys where the girls normally are and called Coordinate which put the boys in the center of the resulting two-faced line.
  24. Called Coordinate but nobody Trade. This had the effect of the ends not having any flow so some did not move up. This is a nice demonstration of how awareness of flow helps.
  25. Can you visualize this sequence of calls that start from a static square?
    1. Heads Right and Left Thru
    2. Veer Left
    3. Crossfire
    4. Walk and Dodge
    5. Chase Right
    6. Boys Run
    sequence diagram

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