Wednesday, June 7, 2017

EA Calls for June 1

Jerry called.

  1. Classes merge next week. Will meet from 7-9.
  2. Rolls called
    1. Right and Left Thru and Roll (ends in columns)
    2. Run and Roll (sliders don't roll, ends in t-boned lines)
    3. Peel Off and Roll (tandem couples end up in tandems with positions switched)
    4. Swing Thru and Roll (dancers at ends roll first, centers roll after the second trade. End in double pass thru formation
    5. Box the Gnat and Roll (man flows clockwise, woman flows counterclockwise, end up back to back with partner.
    6. Dixie Style to a Wave (all dancers are flowing counterclockwise, end up facing each other after the hinge.)
    7. Recycle and Roll (miniwaves converted to tandems, tandems connect to form ocean waves)
    8. Cloverleaf and Roll (the leaders do not Roll)
  3. Diamond Circulate and Roll, not in Taminations: sequence diagram.
  4. A1 call Partner Tag
  5. Single circle to an mini-wave: sequence diagram
  6. Track n for n=0, 1, 2, 3, 4.
  7. From a static square, Jerry called heads Left Square Thru followed by Left Spin Chain and Exchange the Gears. A Left Square Thru was called because it is preferable for dancers to alternate hands. If you look at heads Left Square Thru 4 you will see that it uses the right hand for the last pull by (note that a heads Right Square Thru uses the left hand for the last pull by). Therefore the next call should start with the left hand doing something which Left Spin Chain and Exchange the Gears does. This has nothing to do with flow because a Square Thru ends with a pull by which sends the dancers in a straight line that flows neither clockwise or counterclockwise.
  8. Load the boat from formations other than lines facing in
    1. inverted lines
    2. tidal wave (this is an example of the Ocean Wave Rule
    3. t-bones
  9. Separate and walk around 3 (do not include the other walker in the count
  10. Separate and walk around 3 (including the other walker in the count)
  11. Separate, men walk around 1, women walk around 3
  12. Jerry got dancers into a lines facing in formation and gave each couple the option of doing a half-sashay. This meant that it was very likely that some couples would not be normal. He then got everybody normal: sequence diagram

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