Sunday, June 4, 2017

Tom Davis dance. June 4, Fairfield

Tom Davis called. The dances were not taped. These points were written down and some do not represent exactly what led up to the interesting call that is commented on.

  1. From a completed double pass thru formation, he called Split Circulate. The leaders traded and the trailers stepped forward. They formed mini-waves when they "collided" with the leaders. This is an example of the Same position rule
  2. Got the squares into a left-hand columns formation and instructed each square to circulate a different number of times. Then got everybody to their home position: sequence diagram
  3. From right-hand columns
    Circulate 1/1/2
    Center 6 dancers Circulate 1 1/2
    sequence diagram
  4. From a formation with boys at the end of t-boned lines with the girls facing in, have the boys do a square thru 4 around the girls ending up looking out with their backs to the girls: sequence diagram
  5. From right-hand two-faced lines with boys and girls together, had the boys 1/2 tag and the girls wheel and deal: sequence diagram
  6. Started with t-boned couples arranged in boy and girl couples and had everybody 1/2 Tag and Face In: sequence diagram
  7. Warned the boys to be ready for an upcoming call. When it came it was called in a wave with the boys in the center. The call was boys run ... around each other! Of course the first reflex was for the boys to run around the ends. They were warned!

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