Thursday, September 28, 2017

EA calls for Aug 31

Jerry Story called

  1. From the home square Allemande Left to an alamo wave. Men are facing in, women are facing out. If men Run right they move in a counter clockwise direction and the women slide in a clockwise direction. If women then Run right they continue in the clockwise direction and the men continue in the counterclockwise direction when they slide. This is important for the flow. Also note that these are the directions that the men and women go in when they do a Right and Left Grand. Boys Run right, Boys Run left has the same flow.
  2. The following sequence is incorrect because the dancers in the left-hand star would have to use their left-hand on consecutive calls.
    From the home square
    Head go in an make a left-hand star
    Turn it until you meet your corner and Left Allemande
  3. Squares breathe. For example if the heads do a Square Thru 4, the sides back up slightly to give them room and then move back in when they are done. Keeping square tight with hand holds established makes responding to calls easier and reduces mistakes.
  4. From Burlson's Square Dance Encylopedia
    ... many times a movement is cued by the caller. In other words, he will give the command and follow by telling what is to be done.
    Sometimes the cue precedes the call as the "take a peek" that precedes the Trade the Wave or Explode the Wave calls. Jerry recommended that we should not become dependant on cues like this because all callers may not use them.
  5. If the dancers that end up in the centers of the two-faced lines formed by a Coordinate turn a quarter more, diamonds will be formed
  6. Because Acey Deucey can be called from many different formations because of the universality of the trade and circulate moves. A circulate can be done by any arrangment of the end dancers and a trade can be done by any arrangement of the center dancers.
  7. In a Chase Right or Left the chasing dancers form are lined up halfway through the second circulate such that the caller can ask them to Swing Thru and then Extend to finish the call.
  8. Swing Thru can be fractionated, e.g. Swing Thru once and a quarter (normal Swing Thru and then a Hinge) or Swing Thru three quarters (ends and adjacent centers trade, then the centers Hinge).
  9. Box Circulate involves only the center dancers. E.G., if heads Touch a Quarter from a static square and then Box Circulate is called, only the heads Circulate. It is probably incorrect to just call Circulate in this case.
  10. "Centers Square Thru until you find you corner"
  11. From 1/4 tag formation (used by Ping Pong Circulate)
    Swing Thru once and a quarter will form center box (t-boned lines)
    Centers Walk and Dodge (centers will be back to back)
    Centers Cloverleaf (will form a double pass thru formation)
  12. After calling Recycle from Right-handed Waves, dancers ended in Eight Chain Thru formation facing their partners It is not uncommon to call Right and Left Grand from this formation and Jerry began to do so with the raised voice that he often uses for that call. But then at the last minute he said Thru instead of Grand. After the Right and Left Thru then he called Right and Left Grand. Was he trying to trick the dancers or did he realize at the last minute that the Right and Left Grand would have proceeded in the wrong direction and that the Right and Left Thru would fix that. We may never know.
  13. A similar thing happened at another dance. The caller called Centers In and the dancers reflexively hooked arms but the next call was Bend the Line instead of Cast Off 3/4
  14. Called a Right and Left Grand but called Box the Gnat instead of Promenade at the end of it
  15. Went over Relay the Deucey from a left-hand wave. Note that the last Cast Off 3/4 is done with the right hand since the final formation is left-hand waves.
  16. Allemande Left, Alamo style
    "With your right hand we are going to do a Spin Chain Thru
    "Trade with the right hand
    "With the next girl go left 3/4
    "Boys with your right hand star halfway across to your corner
    "Turn her left 3/4
    "And balance with your partner alamo style
    Note that the Trade, Cast Off 3/4, Trade, Cast Off 3/4 of a regular Spin Chain Thru are done in the correct order.
  17. From static square
    Everybody half sashay
    Everybody turn to face your partner which is actually your corner now 
    This indicates that dancer on man's left is his corner, dancer on womans right is her corner?
  18. Scoot Back once and a half. To see what happens drag thumb of Scoot Back half way. Note that the trailers go in and do a half trade or a hinge.
  19. Go to Scoot Back. Look at the right-hand waves. If the caller calls center Scoot Back. the ends don't move. If the caller calls everybody Scoot Back, everybody moves. Note that if the caller alternates calls to center Scoot Back and everybody Scoot Back, the center dancers do a left Scoot Back for the first call and a right Scoot Back for the second call.
  20. First part of Crossfire is centers trade and ends fold. This puts dancer in Z formation which is a position to do a Peel Off
  21. If heads Pass the Ocean in a static square, the girls are in a Z formation. You can do a Peel the Top in this formation. Therefore the girls can do a Peel the Top in a 1/4 tag formation. And then the boys can adjust themselves to be points of a diamond: sequence diagram
  22. Here is an example of Peel the Top producing diamonds from t-bones: Peel the Top

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