Friday, September 22, 2017

EA Calls for Sept 21

Mike Sikorsky called

  1. What typified this dance was the almost total lack of right and left grands and left allemandes. In fact of the 79 returns to home position, right and left grand was used only once and left allemande was used only once. Here is a typical tip segment that goes from home position to home position: sequence diagram. In this he got the dancers back to home position from completed double pass thru formation by having the leaders work as a couple and Clover Left, while the others Partner Traded and Backed out.
  2. Here is another interesting way that he got dancers back to home position: sequence diagram. He got the dancers in a diamond and had the centers of the diamond Explode and Stop while the points did a Star Thru. It appears that he missed a Step to a Wave call near the end.
  3. Another time he had original heads un-"Step to Wave" to get them to their home position
  4. Called Right and Left Grand as the first call from home position and had the dancers promenade home.
  5. Used a bell to signal the end of a break
  6. Called "Any two adjacent girls wearing a red or blue solid top trade". Claimed he verified that only the girls he wanted to trade were so attired.
  7. Nose problem: some dancer's nose is not pointing in the same direction as some other dancer's nose
  8. Called Teacup Chain with dancers half-sashayed. Commented that "the beauty of this call is that you end up where you started. So we should be half-sashayed because that is where you started the call"
  9. Had the ends do half of a Load the Boat. They passed two dancers and stopped just after passing the second one and ended up back to back
  10. Called Track 2 with half-sashayed couples. Women went around the outside and men went down the middle
  11. Called Coordinate with men in positions 1 and 3 of the columns which meant the men ended up in the center of the resulting two-faced lines. Fortunately men turned men so if you didn't know whether you had circulated once and a half at least you could look for a man to trade with. If the men and women were arranged randomly in the columns, dancers that relied on visual cues rather than counting the circulates would be in trouble.
  12. Called Girls Run from T-boned box
  13. Called Swing Thru from left-hand ocean waves. The centers had to trade first since they were holding right hands
  14. Called Spin Chain and Exchange the Gears but turn star 1/2. This meant the ends that were leaders led the exchange instead of the centers that were leaders. When called it, it was the men that lead the exchange. They ended up in the middle holding lefts with each other.
  15. Called Load the Boat from inverted lines, centers facing in. Note that the centers do not Pass Thru too far; the end formation is t-boned lines rather than a square.
  16. Called Load the Boat from t-boned lines with ends facing out. sequence diagram
  17. . Note that this tip segment went from a double pass thru formation to home position in one move and a back up.
  18. Called Walk and Dodge from t-boned boxes. The leaders dodge, trailers walk.
  19. Called Crossfire from inverted lines. Ends in right-hand ocean waves. This is an application of the Same Position Rule, traders and folders are going to end up in the same spot so they form right-hand mini-waves
  20. From a left-handed wave he called "recycle left-handed." All that meant was the flow was counterclockwise instead of clockwise as it is when recycling from a right-hand ocean wave. But in both cases the leader crossfolds and the trailer follows.
  21. Called Coordinate from 3 and 1 lines. The Same Position rule causes the ends and centers to form a mini-wave when they met in the same spot after circulating once and a half.
  22. Called Wheel and Deal from tidal lines. This was hard even though each line did the same thing that was done if the lines were parallel instead of being side by side in a tidal wave.

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