Thursday, September 14, 2017

EA Calls for Aug 24

Tom called.
  1. Slide Thru and then Roll twice
  2. Load the Boat can be fractionated. The four parts are
    1. ends pass first dancer, centers pass thru
    2. ends pass second dancer, centers face out
    3. ends pass third dancer, centers partner trade
    4. ends face in, centers pass thru
    Between c and d, the centers are in a wave and they can be told to do something with it. It is also possible to arrange the dancers so that a Right and Left Grand can be called from a Load the Boat that will return the dancers to their home positions. See sequence diagram
  3. If Follow Your Neighbor is called from a box, the trailers Cast Off 3/4 and the leaders Fold toward the adjacent trailer and Roll. This is true even for t-boned boxes: Taminations.
  4. After doing a Dixie Style to a Wave, the flow makes it natural to call Slip the Clutch and the end dancers and their partners let go of hands and continue moving with the flow.
  5. A Chase Right is essentially a circulate twice clockwise in a box with the dancers being chased initially turning back to allow it to happen, e.g. from mixed t-bones.
  6. A wave can be formed by the chasers in a Chase Right with the chased finishing normally. From this position an Extend will create ocean waves and the sequence Cast Off 3/4, Walk and Dodge, and Cloverleaf will result in a double pass thru formation. See sequence diagram
  7. Also see sequence diagram for examples of calling Scoot Back and Follow Your Neighbor in the middle of a Chase Right.
  8. Called nine consecutive Slide Thrus: sequence diagram
  9. Consider the effect of half-sashayed couples on Star Thru. Taminations shows that calling Star Thru from a normal eight chain thru formation results in lines facing in. But calling it from a half-sashayed eight chain formation results in lines facing out: sequence diagram.

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