Sunday, August 27, 2017

EA Calls Aug 17

Tom Manning called.

  1. Worked on Crossfire from these formations
    1. two-faced lines (the usual formation)
    2. tidal two-faced line
    3. lines facing out
    4. lines facing in
    5. inverted lines, centers facing out
    6. inverted lines, centers facing in
  2. Did not do Crossfire from facing diamonds
  3. Zoom is usually called from a double pass thru completed formation. Other possibilities include
    1. completed double pass thru
    2. columns
    3. t-bones
    4. centers zoom from columns
    5. ends zoom from two-faced lines
    6. points zoom from diamonds
    7. In all cases it is a 4 dancer call done in a box where the trailers step forward and the leaders walk in a full circle, turning away from the center point, and ending up on the spot of the trailing dancer.
  4. Played with diagonal lines of 3:
    head man take both your corner and your partner, go forward and back (will be on a diagonal)
    you six pass thru (still on a diagonal)
    u-turn back 
    "side man take both your corner and your partner, go forward and back
    (The side men are taking the ladies from the head men. 
    The head men devoid of companionship turn to face the center of the set. 
    Not sure how they know to do this)
    forward and back (to establish the diagonal lines?)
    "you 6 pass thru
    u-turn back
    swing your corner and promenade (dancers end in home position)
    Evidently it was natural for the lines of three to be diagonals and for the head men to face in when it was time for the side men to make diagonal lines of three.
  5. Do Paso uses arm turns and ends with a Courtesy Turn if no other instruction is given.
  6. Made sure that boys got a chance to be the casters in Fan the Top
  7. Called a normal Swing Thru from a Tidal Wave so that each wave of 4 acted independently. Most dancers will do a Grand Swing Thru if not explicitly warned first.
  8. Everybody do the center part of Load the Boat: sequence diagram
  9. Load the Boat has four distinct parts so it is possible to fractionate it: sequence diagram
  10. start from 1/4 tag formation
    ping pong circulate
    boys roll to face
    girls linear cycle
    boys pass thru
    end with inverted lines centers facing in
    sequence diagram
  11. Wheel and Deal around a box: sequence diagram.
  12. Can call Fan the Top from eight chain thru formation. Need to step to a wave first. For example,
    box the gnat
    fan the top
  13. Called Tag the Line from a Tidal Line. Each line works independently. Compare with Line of 8 Tag the Line.
  14. Ended with this singing call: sequence call sung to Summer Sounds.

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