Monday, August 7, 2017

EA Calls for August 3

Jerry Story called.

  1. Called Right and Left Thru from a right-handed ocean wave invoking the Ocean Wave Rule. The ocean waves represent the dancers half way thru their Square Thru. The dancers continue their Square Thru by pulling by and turning toward the center of the set which is the opposite direction that they turn when they do the first trades of a Swing Thru. The handhold in the waves is the first hand of the Square Thru which means the dancers have to do three more to complete the move.
  2. Other calls that could start with an ocean wave because of the Ocean Wave Rule
    1. Dosado
    2. Pass Thru
    3. Pull By
    4. Right and Left Thru
    5. Square Thru
    6. Star Thru
    7. Box the Gnat
    8. Double Pass Thru
    9. Pass the Ocean
    10. Touch a Quarter
    11. Pass to Center
    12. Slide Thru
    13. Turn Thru
    14. Load the Boat
  3. Also called Left Right and Thru from a left-handed ocean wave.Once again the dancers turned in after pulling by in the wave except this time they use their right hand for the next pull by.
  4. Right and Left Thru can also be called from a right-hand ocean wave. Dancers are used to doing this after a Spin the Top.
  5. Think about this: Stop on the third hand of a Square Thru 4 ends in the same position as Square Thru 2 and 1/2. Use Taminations to see this.
  6. Called 1/2 partner Trade instead of Hinge. They are the same thing.
  7. Worked with disconnected diamonds: sequence diagram
  8. Called following sequence
    bend the line
    every body square thru 4 but stop on third hand
    centers square thru 4 but stop on third hand
    touch a quarter
    This ended in a right-hand column: sequence diagram
  9. I was the trailer in a tandem and botched a Peel Off by acting as if I was the leader. This put me in the wrong line (creating a line of 5) and left a gap where I was supposed to be in the line of 3: sequence diagram
  10. Called multiple Half Sashays that put the dancers in a formation that would have happened if couples had Half Sashayed (if there is such a thing)
    starting from a static square
    heads lead right
    circle to a line
    right and left thru
    everybody half sashay
    centers half sashay
    everybody half sashay
    centers half sashay
    everybody half sashay
    sequence diagram
  11. Did something similar with consecutive Rollaways
  12. Strongly recommended that in a Load the Boat the centers momentarily touch hands after the initial Pass Through. A side effect of this is that the square will remain tight.
  13. Called Wheel and Deal from a tidal line. The dancers move exactly as they do when a Wheel and Deal is called from lines facing out except they end in two faced lines instead of a double pass through formation.
  14. Called Crossfire from lines facing out which ends with a wave in the center. Jerry commented that some people want Crossfire to be a 4 dancer call which means that the wave would not be formed (the dancers would end in a double pass through formation). However the definition for Crossfire states the following:
    As the centers begin to Trade, the ends Cross Fold. Upon completing their Trade, the centers release hands and step straight forward forming an ocean wave or mini-wave with the dancers they are facing.
  15. Called
    from a static square
    heads swing thru
    sides long pass the ocean
    right and left thru
    sequence diagram
  16. Called
    start from a static square
    promenade don't stop
    boys roll back and promenade your corner
    heads wheel around
    This demonstrates that the boy determines the headness or sideness of a couple. Once a head girl started being promenaded by a side boy she lost her status as a head.

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