Wednesday, August 2, 2017

EA Calls July 27

Jerry Story called.

  1. From an Alamo Ring called boy Run right, boy Run left, girl Run right, boy Run left: sequence diagram. The initial Run right sets the boys moving counterclockwise and the girls moving clockwise and this flow is maintained by all the other runs. It is likely that the caller will always try to maintain the initial flow. Furthermore the Allemande left set the boys in a counterclockwise direction and the girls in a clockwise direction which is probably why the first run called will be either boys Run right as it was here or girls Run left.
  2. Weave the ring called after a Recycle
  3. Interesting Circulate
    starting from static square
    sides right and left through
    sides pass the ocean
    ping pong circulate
    side men roll
    heads recycle
    head men roll
    circulate (walk straight ahead)
    boys trade
    boys roll
    everybody trade
    pass through
    wheel and deal
    boys swing through
    sequence diagram
  4. Four different kinds of quarter promenades by lead dancers of a completed double pass through formation
    1. single file sequence diagram
    2. couples sequence diagram
    3. reverse single file sequence diagram
    4. reverse couples sequence diagram
  5. Called a Walk and Dodge from lines facing out even though the definition says that the starting formations are Box Circulate and Facing Couples: sequence diagram. It turns out this is a Step and Slide which is an A1 call.
  6. There are flow considerations when calling Walk and Dodge. From the definition:

    Be careful when using this call as some calls don't flow well or feel good after a Walk and Dodge (e.g., "Walk and Dodge, Bend the Line" or "Walk and Dodge, Wheel and Deal" are not good body flow for half of the dancers).

    sequence diagram
  7. Called half of a Chase Right: The right-hand dancer does a right face U Turn Back & Box Circulates once (instead of twice). The left-hand dancer follows ("Chases") the right-hand dancer by doing a Box Circulate one position (instead of two).
  8. Not sure how dancers are supposed to square up at the end of this one without the heads facing in and the side ladies doing a U-Turn Back. Perhaps it happens when the dancers bow to their partners: sequence diagram
  9. Called Flutterwheel from Sashayed couples. Men have to play the role the woman normally plays and go bring a woman back. Men go in with right hands and bring the woman back with their left hand.
  10. Called Reverse Flutterwheel from Sashayed couples. Women have to play the role the man normally plays and go bring a man back. Women go in with left hands and bring the man back with their right hand.
  11. Called Separate and Walk Around 3 and Squeeze In: sequence diagram. Do not count the walkers.
  12. This snippet shows that the dancers who are not separating and walking around 3 can be doing something while the others are walking: sequence diagram.
  13. Called the following sequence starting in a eight chain through formation.
    wrong way allemande left, allemande left this girl
    come back until you find your corner
    and do a wrong way right and left grand
    until you find your partner
    when you find your partner, box the gnat
  14. Crazy Circulate (a C2 call)
    Everybody does a Split Circulate
    Centers do a Box Circulate
    Everybody does a Split Circulate
    Centers do a Box Circulate
  15. Crazy Flutterwheel (a C2 call). Notice that when the centers do the flutterwheel, they are half-sashayed.
    Everybody does a Flutterwheel
    Centers do a Flutterwheel
    Everybody does a Flutterwheel
    Centers do a Flutterwheel
  16. Crazy Right and Left Thru
    Everybody does a right and left thru
    Centers do a right and left thru
    Everybody does a right and left thru
    Centers do a right and left thru
  17. This sequence of calls aligned the dancers at 45 degrees and then got them back to being parallel to the side walls. In both cases, the dancers rotated 45 degrees by making lines and moving up to the middle and back:
    starting from home position
    heads right and left thru
    dixie style to an ocean wave
    boys trade
    left swing thru
    the center girls make an arch
    side ladies lead dixie style to a wave (through the arch)
    boys diamond circulate
    pick up a girl
    lines up to the middle and back
    you're on the diagonal, you are on the cattywumpus where you should be, on the 45 degree angle
    right and left through
    pass the ocean
    swing thru
    boys run
    girls hinge
    diamond circulate
    cut the diamond
    bend the line
    pass the ocean
    swing thru
    spin the top
    just the center wave spin the top
    swing thru in the middle
    every boy run right
    move along, make lines up to the middle and back
    everything should be square with the world now because two cattywumpuses equal a straight
    sequence diagram

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  1. Re #4: It appears that "promenade" always means counter-clockwise, whether single file or in couples. Re #13: I take it "wrong way" means counter-clockwise; ie., you turn with the lady to your right; that is, your partner, not your corner. Moreover, if you allemande left someone, it's difficult to immediately allemande left someone else, because your left arm is still engaged with the first person, unless you, like, let go early. Plus allemande left has a counter-clockwise motion, so it's seems more natural to go from a counter-clockwise flow into a clockwise flow (ie., a right arm turn -- that is, a turn-thru). Going counter-clockwise to counter-clockwise is awkward.