Monday, July 31, 2017

Tom Manning, Dean Dederman Dance July 29

Tom Manning and Dean Dederman called.

  1. Load the Boat can be the Anything part of an Explode (and Anything) call because any call that can be done from lines facing in can be the Anything part: sequence diagram.
  2. Load the Boat can be fractionated by breaking it into 4 parts: sequence diagram .
  3. Dean combined these two properties of Load the Boat and called the following starting from a right hand ocean wave.
    Explode and Load the Boat
    Centers go 3/4, when centers meet face to face), Touch a Quarter
    Same four Walk and Dodge
    Separate Around One, Squeeze In
    Star Thru
    Double Pass Through
    Track 2
    Men Circulate
    Girls do a U-Turn Back
    Ferris Wheel
    Centers Sweep a Half (that's two quarters)
    Pass Through
    sequence diagram
  4. Called Keep Going, Wrong-Way Promenade after a Coordinate: sequence diagram
  5. Called the following sequence
    sides slide through
    centers pass through
    touch a quarter
    follow your neighbor
    girls trade
    dive through
    centers right and left through
    full turn, face the couple behind
    full turn, you're back to back
    right and left grand
    sequence diagram.
  6. Called "center pair square through, on your third hand do a double pass through" starting from lines facing out. sequence diagram
  7. Called everybody do center part of a Load the Boat in your box of four: sequence diagram
  8. Called Grand Square from dancers arranged diagonally: sequence diagram.
  9. Some "as couples" moves: sequence diagram
  10. Called Linear Cycle from a tidal wave with the hint "to a box not a line"
  11. Called Acey Deucey from lines facing out and lines facing in
  12. Worked on Right and Left Thru and Roll starting from lines facing in. Also called it after calling a heads Lead Right: sequence diagram
  13. Called Face Left after a Half Tag: sequence diagram
  14. Had corners recite the following poem to each other
    Rose are red
    Violets are blue
    If this square breaks down
    I'm blaming you.
  15. After a Roll Away creating half-sashayed couples in a static square Dean called "4 men with the right hand chain across and woman courtesy turn man."
  16. Called Ping Pong Circulate from an I formation: sequence diagram
  17. Sequence ending with a heads Face, Grand Square
    from a static square
    heads touch a quarter
    heads follow your neighbor and spread
    ping pong circulate
    ping pong circulate
    centers explode the wave
    pass through
    trade by
    single circle to a wave
    scoot back
    scoot back
    centers trade
    explode the wave
    tag the line
    face right
    ferris wheel (boys in center)
    boys sweep a quarter (gave a hint that girls were the sides)
    heads face grand square
    sequence diagram
  18. The usual Follow Your Neighbor has boys as trailer and girls as leaders. Did variations on this, e.g., boys leaders and girls trailers, boy and girl cast off 3/4, left hand waves, right hand waves, etc.
  19. Did a Zoom from columns
  20. Did a Single Circle 3/4 to a wave

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