Tuesday, July 25, 2017

EA Calls for July 20

Jerry called.

  1. Fractional swing throughs (from right hand waves)
    1. Swing Thru 3/4: sequence diagram. Ends in diamonds
    2. Swing Thru 3/4 twice: sequence diagram. Ends in ocean waves
    3. Swing Thru 1 and 1/4: sequence diagram. Ends in ocean waves.
    4. Swing Thru 1 and 1/2: sequence diagram. Ends in ocean waves.
    5. Swing Thru 1 and 3/4: sequence diagram. Ends in diamonds.
  2. Called Acey Deucey from lines facing out.
  3. Trade the Wave from right hand waves creates left hand waves and vice versa.
  4. As couples Cast Off 3/4 is different from Everybody Cast Off 3/4. Demonstrated it using two-faced lines. Note that the as couples version is an advanced call.
  5. Called Explode the Line from inverted lines (ends facing in). This is so similar to an Explode the Wave that most dancers probably didn't notice.
  6. Called Crossfire from a Thar after boys ran (forming intersecting two-faced lines): sequence diagram. The instructions were different from last week's: sequence diagram. Last week's seemed more in keeping with the regular Crossfire from two-faced lines.
  7. Interesting sequence
    Start with tidal wave, same sex holding right hands
    Grand Swing Thru
    Explode the Wave
    Partner Trade once and a half to a tidal wave
    Grand Swing Thru
    Explode the Wave
    Trade By
    Touch a Quarter
    Acey Deucey Once and a Half
    Wave of 6 Swing Thru Once and a Quarter
    Girls Wheel and Deal
    Boys Trade
    Boys Roll
    Girls Square Thru 3
    Boys Pass Thru
    Boys Courtesy Turn a girl forming lines facing in
    sequence diagram
  8. Interesting sequence
    "boys work as a couple, there are six dots on the floor. Boys there is a dot right ahead of you.
    Circulate with boys working as a couple
    Hinge with boys working as a couple
    Girls Recycle
    Girls Step to a left handed Wave
    Girls Recycle
    Boys do a long Wheel and Deal out around the girls
    sequence diagram
  9. Cloverleaf and Roll. Note that only the trailers Roll
  10. Referred to a Wheel and Deal done from two-faced lines as a 4 by 4 Wheel and Deal
  11. Called Scoot Back once and a half. To see what a half a Scoot Back looks like go to Taminations and advance the thumb half way.
  12. If you do a Chase Right from lines facing out you end in right-hand ocean waves. A Chase Left would end in left-hand ocean waves.
  13. From the definition of U-Turn Back: The dancer does an individual about-face turn (180 degrees) in place, turning toward partner unless the body flow dictates otherwise. Here is an example of how body flow can cause both dancers to turn right rather than towards each other: sequence diagram. Mentioned that the advanced call Turn and Deal also follows the same principle.
  14. From facing diamonds had the outer 6 dancers Circulate and then in 2 calls brought everybody home: sequence diagram.
  15. Called Cut the Diamond where the points had to do a partner trade because they were facing in the same direction.
  16. Called Lead Left and Lead Right from lines facing out (not in Taminations). This put the dancers in a position to finish a ferris wheel: sequence diagram
  17. Called Slip the Clutch when dancers were not in a Thar formation: sequence diagram.
  18. Called Ferris Wheel from t-boned couples. Here is the complete sequence: sequence diagram.
  19. Differences between Spin Chain Exchange the Gears starting from right hand and left hand waves
    ActionRight hand wavesLeft hand waves
    Initial traderightleft
    Cast off 3/4leftright
    Center traderightleft
    Resultright-hand wavesleft-hand waves

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