Friday, October 20, 2017

EA Calls for October 12

Jerry Story called.

  1. Dancers worked with diagonal boxes in a sashayed 1/4 tag formation. As long as the dancers remain in the boxes they started from, they remain square with the walls even though the dancers moved diagonally during the call. Here is a Dive Thru diagonally that shows that centers are the ones that twirl. See sequence diagram.

    However, if the call creates a formation in which the dancers move out of the box they started with, e.g. ocean waves, that formation would probably no longer be square with the walls. See sequence diagram for an example of this phenomena.
  2. Set up a diagonal box formation in an unusual way. See sequence diagram
  3. Got dancers into connected offset boxes, played with them for a while, then got dancers back into parallel waves and finished with all eight Spin the Top. See sequence diagram.
  4. Here is "finish a Ferris Wheel" from connected offset boxes: sequence diagram. To get the dancers in position to finish a Ferris Wheel, the dancers did a Walk and Dodge.
  5. Here is "finish a Ferris Wheel" from diagonal boxes: sequence diagram. Note that to get the dancers in position it is necessary to do a Pass Thru rather than a Walk and Dodge.
  6. In general, any call that can be made from a box can be called from disconnected offset boxes or diagonal boxes.
  7. Jerry had dancers working with connected offset boxes followed by working with diagonal boxes and some dancers got confused as to what kind of box they were supposed to be working with. Jerry later said that he had made a mistake calling those two kind of boxes so close together. It is not the caller's intent to entrap the dancers into making a mistake.
  8. Called a left Dosado 3/4 with the segment ending with the men doing a back flip and a half twist. See sequence diagram. And click here for a back flip and half twist demo.
  9. Called Ferris Wheel and Roll.
  10. Jerry made up a call he named "Inside Out Chase Right": sequence diagram.
  11. Called Explode and Cross Fire. This works because the Explode put dancers into facing lines before doing the "Anything" part. See Explode and Partner Trade for an example. And once the dancers are in facing lines they can do a Crossfire.
  12. Called Mixed Up Right and Left Grand. Half the boys are moving counterclockwise and half are moving clockwise. Same for the girls. See sequence diagram.
  13. Called Diamond Circulate from left hand diamonds with right-hand centers. Jerry told us to resist the temptation to pass left shoulders which seems more natural. Dancers should pass right shoulders. It's a simple rule that prevents collisions and confusion.
  14. Called Single Circle 3/4 to a Wave.
  15. Called Lead Left from lines facing out and then finish a Ferris Wheel: sequence diagram.

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