Thursday, February 9, 2017

EA calls for Feb 9

Here are some of the moves that Jerry covered on Feb 9

Tamination animations and sequence diagrams are used to demonstrate many of the calls.

6:30-7:30 class

  1. Started with right allemand your corner, then reverse left and right grand
  2. From a static square everybody veer left. The rest has been lost. See this sequence diagram for a partial reconstruction. Jerry said that this sequence was an example of two catawampuses (kitty corners) cancelling each other out. Not sure what the second catawampus is.
  3. Unnamed sequence: (see the sequence diagram).
    1. From a completed double pass thru
    2. First couple go left
    3. Center dancers (girls in this case) chase left
    4. Inside boys walk
    5. Outside boys dodge
    6. Everybody swing thru
  4. Scoot back with somebody in a different box. Is this possible from a BGBG waves? It seems that it would get rather congested in the middle. This sequence diagram demonstrates one possible way to eliminate congestion in the middle.
  5. Spin Chain Thru from an alamo ring. Jerry talked dancers thru it and when people listened they got it. Everybody in the ring initially turned 180 degrees following their noses. After that the dancers that ended up in the center did a normal Spin Chain Thru.
  6. Linear Cycle from waves ends in facing lines. Linear Cycle from a Tidal Wave ends in Eight Chain Thru formation (Jerry: if start not normal, don't expect normal ending formation).
  7. As couples walk and dodge
  8. Heads wheel around while promenading to face sides. There always seems to be at least one square that doesn't do this smoothly
  9. Circulate twice from lines facing in
  10. Triple allemande left (star in middle)
  11. Stacked calls (from lines facing in):
    1. Sides swing thru
    2. Spin the top
    3. Slide thru

    See sequence diagram

  12. Couples extend
  13. Veer right, U-turn back
  14. Out-facing dancers zoom from a square that looks something like this.
       v v
    <       >
    <       >
       ^ ^

    This sequence diagram shows two possible outcomes. Which is the correct one?

  15. Scoot back once and a half. Use this Tamination animation. First do the entire call. That is the "1". Then slide the green thumb halfway for the "1/2".
  16. Everybody circulate 1/2, center 6 circulate 1/2, center 4 do something
  17. Same sex Slide Thru
  18. Relay the Deucey with boys ending up in center
  19. Prayer meeting for Spin Chain the Gears.
  20. Each square picked a captain who told the square to do either a Relay the Deucey or Spin Chain the Gears. Then the captain has them do the other.
  21. Groans when track n mentioned
  22. Track 0 (Jerry referred to it as just "Track") then Peel Off
  23. Boys run in square
  24. Wheel and deal and roll
  25. Allemande left to a thar
  26. Ends circulate twice, centers circulate three times
  27. Ping pong circulate with left hand wave in center. Note that dancers moving from the inside wave to the outside pass left shoulders.
  28. Just boys do ping pong circulate, just girls.
  29. Identified dancers as leaders and trailers instead of boys and girls or ends and centers. Leaders and trailers are always defined by a box. The leaders are looking out of the box, the trailers looking in. A box can consist of all trailers or all leaders. Jerry called Leaders Partner Trade from boxes formed by an infacing-line and nobody was supposed to move.


Jerry said that in a couple of weeks the workshop will merge with the experienced group so that everybody gets to dance from 6:30-9:00

  1. From static square
    boys run right
    boys cloverleaf
    girls chain 3/4
    girls run
    girls cloverleaf
    boys circle right to partner

    See sequence diagram.

  2. Acey Deucey can be done from any line. Jerry called it from lines facing in. This is because, in lines, two dancers can always trade and can always circulate no matter which directions they are facing. Note that the two components of Acey Deucey are trade and circulate.
  3. Chase Right.
  4. Chase Left
  5. Coordinate. Dancers 8 and 4 are called the key dancers. When they meet the Circulate 1 1/2 part of the call is complete.
  6. Maintain the handedness of a wave when extends to other waves are done. For example the wave in Ping Pong Circulate from a Left-Handed Wave remains left-handed no matter how many times the circulate is done.
  7. Crossfire
  8. Diamond circulate
  9. Flip the diamond
  10. Follow your neighbor
  11. Linear cycle
  12. Load the boat
  13. Peel the top
  14. Single circle to a wave
  15. Track 2
  16. The only plus moves that we haven't been taught so far are
    1. Fan the top (Spin the Top is just the Ends and adjacent centers turning 1/2 followed by a Fan the Top.
    2. Relay the Deucey
    3. Spin chain and exchange the gears
    4. Spin Chain the Gears
    5. Teacup chain
    6. 3/4 tag the line

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  1. Taminations has only track 2. (No track 0, track 1, track X, etc). Listening to Jerry call track 1, he broke the call into "track" and then "one". Where on the "track", lead couple partner traded, and on the "one", they stepped up to some kind of wave??? Don't recall exactly. Sorry I missed the "prayer meeting"! :)